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“Atransformed ugandan society from a peasant to a mordern and prosperous country within 30 years”

Vision Vision


A socio-economically self-sustaining kalangala district community, from a rudimentary to a mordern production-oriented district within 30…

Mission Mission

Overall Goal

To provide efficient and effective quality services to kalangala district community, in conformity with national and…

Overall Goal Overall Goal

Welcome to our official District Website

Article 190 of The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, 1995, and Section 35(1) of the Local Government Act CAP 243 gives effect to the devolution of functions, powers, and services to all levels of the local governments to enhance good governance and democratic participation in and control of decision-making by the people. The laws also vest powers in the District Council to prepare comprehensive and integrated development plans that incorporate the plans of lower level local governments. The plans therefore should incorporate priorities and plans of lower councils that are respectively identified and formulated through effective popular participation.



Word from the Chief Administrative Officer

The formulation process of the 2011/12 – 2014/15 District Development Plan has culminated into this important planning document, the efforts and contributions exhibited by each of the key players cannot go unnoticed. Special thanks go to the members of DTPC for formulating and discussing the draft plan, and making recommendations to the District Executive Committee that finally recommended it to the District Council for approval. The Council is highly appreciated for ably executing the mandate of approving this Plan. Lower Local Governments and villages eventually feed into the higher one, despite limited financial assistance from the district.



Message from the Chairperson LC V

Uganda’s development goal is to eradicate poverty and to enable her people enjoy a high standard of living. To that effect Kalangala District Local Government is pursuing a development agenda that should respond to the needs of the local communities and it is the beneficiaries of the social services who are best suited to set local priorities and to hold local officials accountable in the utilization of public resources. The District Development strategy, for the period 2011/12 – 2015/16 will be the road map of the district development process guided by the National Development Plan objectives of uplifting household incomes and enhancing the quality and availability of household incomes; improving socio-economic and trade infrastructure nation wide and strengthening good governance and improving human security.


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